Welcome to the Nightshift

The ecological straw.

Our oceans are drowning in plastic. Every year, in Europe alone, 36 billion straws are used. That’s right, BILLIONS. Don’t you think it’s stupid that what you use to drink your Mojito will be around forever to ruin our planet?

A No-Plastic Vision

Suck Responsibly with plastic-free straws.

We want to save the world with a drink in our hand: our straws are 100% organic, totally natural and fully biodegradable in any environment. They dissolve completely in less than 3 months, or even less, if they are eaten by fish. Apparently, they are amazing with a side dish of plankton.


Only organic materials. Because pollution sucks.

NIGHTSHIFT biodegradable straws are chic, natural, edible and perfect for every cocktail. It’s the real alternative to plastic. You can choose the color, the size and if you want, we can print your logo on them: obviously, with 100% organic inks. You can order as many straws as you want: even large quantities.


Plastic is the real outlaw.

We are the NIGHTSHIFT. A group of young people with high expertise in engineering, marketing, communication and beverage: and obviously, also in alcohol. One straw at a time we will make a change. Using the power of their ideas, the NIGHT people will clean our planet.


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